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Welcome to the Love Saves The Day Ambassador portal. Please check out the bulletin board for any updates or new assets, and be sure to head to our Discord to learn more or ask any questions.

Your points totals will take 24-48hours to update after any sales. Please be patient as it is a manual system and takes time! If after 2 working days you've not seen the points you were expecting, please get in touch so we can check!

Got points to spend? Head over to the Ambassador shop below to choose your rewards!

If you need to change any of your account details, you can do so here.

25 January 2024
Lineup launched!

The full lineup for LSTD2024 is now live! Here's some lineup assets for you to share ;)

25 January 2024
Getting the hang of things...

Thanks so much for your patience as we work through this brand new system to give you more of what you want (and better rewards) as an Ambassador. We've had a few teething issues so please make sure you check back regularly for any updates. Want a more direct contact? Let us know if you'd like to join the WhatsApp group!

16 May 2024
Love Saves The Day points closing soon!

Well done on getting your points! Please remember that Love Saves The Day Ambassador links will no longer be available as of 11:59pm this Sunday so remind your friends to buy ASAP! The final points totals will be added first thing Monday 20th and then the rewards shop will be closed from Monday 5pm. We will re-open it from June 11th for Forwards rewards.

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